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Design of Jõhvi Police and Rescue Board Building Completed


Amhold Ltd completed the design of the common building of Jõhvi Police and Rescue Board, started in May 2009. The Contracting Authority selected the Building Contractor and the construction works will start already within a couple of weeks.

The common building of Jõhvi Police and Rescue Board consists of three large blocks. The extension in Nooruse Street includes the Rescue Board block with a garage (8 spaces), a car wash and a repair shop (2 spaces). In the same block there are also the rooms of the rescue team (with a fire pole connection to the garage); the rest is an office space.

The Police block has a central location by Rahu Street, including a universal lobby with counters and service boxes where the officials of the entire building can meet the customers. In addition, there are three detention chambers and the patrol service on the first floor, the second and the third floor have the lay-out of an open office area (different police administrative units). There is also a forensics lab on the second floor. On the fourth floor there are the offices of the leading police officers and conference rooms (half of floor), the second half of the building consists of the alarm centre with the control centre, offices and ancillary premises.

The third block is located on the corner of Rahu St. and Marja St. and there are also the rooms of the Police structural units.

The engineering technical solutions ensure the energy efficiency coefficient accordance to grade C.

Amhold Ltd provided the following services of the common building of Jõhvi Police and Rescue Board: engineering technical and environmental surveys; landscaping and greenery projects; road and car park solutions; heating, ventilation, water and sewerage project; also electrical and weak current, structural, architectural and interior design solutions.