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Restoration Design of K. Päts Open Air School of Tallinn Completed


Amhold Ltd completed the surveys and building design for restoration and reconstruction of the school building of Konstantin Päts Open Air School and an estimated start of the construction works is right after the public procurement for the Contractor.

We performed the architectural-historical, engineering technical and environmental survey, and rendered services of architecture, interior design, structural engineering, water supply and sewerage, ventilation and heating, also electrical engineering and weak current parts. In addition, we designed the control engineering, security systems, external networks, landscaping, streets and a parking scheme of the site and will perform author’s supervision during the construction period.

The school building is designed with a view to considering the needs of children with behavioural disorders. As the children are in the school building from Monday to Friday, comfortable rooms with toilets and showers with special equipment are designed for the first and second floor.

In order to teach children to live an independent life, there are workshops (industrial art classes, knitting class, clay works, etc.) for both boys and girls designed for the new school building.

Various therapy rooms, such as music therapy, motion therapy and art class, are foreseen in the reconstruction project for fostering children’s mental health.

People with physical disability are considered in the restoration project of the historical building – there is a lift foreseen in the building for this purpose so that the people with a disability could move in the entire building. Children with a physical disability are also considered upon pool engineering.

In order to keep the maintenance costs as low as possible in the future, an energy efficient AC system pursuant to the modern standards is designed for the building. The historical building acquired grade C energy-performance certificate. Significant energy saving was achieved by using a complex control engineering with a novel control program BACnet and KMX based on open protocols.

The building complex of Päts Open Air School is a site under the heritage conservation and its construction works were started on September 10, 1935. A design contest of construction project was announced and the first prize was awarded to Mrs. Paula Delachier-Ilves, a female architect living in Paris, Architect Konstantin Bölau made constructional drawings Based on her project. Construction works were completed by January 1936.

K. Päts Open Air School of Tallinn was founded by Estonian Red Cross head Government in 1938 on the initiative of Konstantin Päts, the Head of State of Estonia. Päts School has developed long-term traditions of teaching children with severe somatic conditions how to get healthy and stay healthy through a regular, health sparing and strengthening daily schedule.