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Amhold Started Designing Installation Road for Conveyor of Oil Shale Pits


A 12,9 km long installation and service road for transportation conveyor of oil shale pits is planned from Ojamaa mines in Ida-Virumaa County to an oil factory in Kohtla-Järve City, which is partially on the ground and partially on elevated bridges.

A maintenance and service road of the conveyor will be designed next to the conveyor. Bridges over Tallinn – St Petersburg railway and bridges over many railway bifurcations and over Raudjõe and Kohtla River are foreseen within the conveyor line. Total length of the bridges is 1300 m.

At one intersection with the railway the conveyor is planned to be placed in an underground tunnel. Within the project, intersections with local roads (incl. hiking trails, ski trails, ATV paths, etc.) are to be multilevel interchanges, using road culverts in special structure. Passage culverts on wild animal passages and facilities for preservation of natural regime of surface water are also planned in the project.

Before starting with the design, engineering technical and environmental protection studies will be carried out. After closing the mine in about 20 to 25 years the conveyor will be dismounted and the area of about 645,000 m2will be re-cultivated.

In regard with the conveyor installation/service road, Amhold will perform engineering technical and environmental studies, project management of the design services and structural parts of all roads, road facilities and bridges of the construction project.

The estimated time of completion of the project is October 2010.