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Start of Reconstruction Project of Estonian Literary Museum


Amhold Ltd started the compilation of the reconstruction project of Estonian Literary Museum in Vanemuise Street, Tartu.

The building was a dwelling, built by the construction plans of architect Reinhold Guleke in 1894, a typical city palace of Tartu with relatively reserved and little  monotonous renaissance-classicistic façade architecture, yet having cosy atmosphere of the villa-architecture of the late 19th century.

At the moment, there are 2 buildings and a fire fighting reservoir on the plot of Tartu Literary Museum. The closed net area of the main building is 5,958.1 m2, of which approximately 260 m2 will be renovated. We will perform the projects of strong and weak current, control engineering, ventilation and heating, also water and sewerage. We will set up special conditions of heritage conservation for design and studies and perform historical, engineering technical and environmental studies, also energy efficiency simulation.

The other building is an old film storage that will be demolished. A completely new four-storey archival repository will be added with net area of 2,880 m2, for which in addition to the aforementioned parts we will also perform the architectural and structural parts. A disinfection room, cold chamber, restoration shop, storage for materials, copy centre and IT-rooms will be located in the new building.

Amhold Ltd will also design all landscaping and traffic schemes and network of the Literary Museum.

According to the present prognosis, the time of completion of the design is January 2011.