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Amhold Started Preparing Development Model for City of Pärnu


On the example of the City of Pärnu, Amhold commenced research for elaborating the development model of the city. The studies will be carried out in co-operation with Tallinn University. The data collected in the course of the research will serve as the basis for elaborating a new generalized development model of the city, which can also be used for planning the development of other analogous cities.

The following aspects will be studied in the course of the research:

  • the nature of light traffic patterns and the first preferences in this respect;
  • the integrity of the network of light traffic roads, green areas, and public space;
  • the demand for, accessibility, and frequency of attendance of green areas;
  • the use of existing green areas, and the recreational and natural carrying capacity thereof;
  • the impact of seasonality on the consumption of urban space;
  • the possibilities of disabled people to use public urban space.

This research will serve as a good applied example of the co-operation between the research staff and students of the university, private company, and local government engaging national support funds as well as the financial resources of a private company.

The research is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.