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Sports Building and Dormitories of Kammeri School Completed


The old school building, woodshop building and garage/storage were demolished in order to build the new school building. The school’s dormitories, pump room and basketball court were completely reconstructed. The waste water treatment plant was also reconstructed and roads and utility lines were built necessary for it to be functional.

The net area of the school building and dormitories of Kammeri School is 3510.35 m², the net area of the gym is 951 m² and the net area of the woodshop building is 556.10 m². The dormitories have double rooms to accommodate 74 students.

The new sports building will be opened today at 2 p.m. with a basketball game between the parliament members and the school management.

Kammeri School, located in Kambja Parish, Tartu County, is one of the biggest educational school for children with challenging behaviour and learning disabilities. This autumn more than 100 students will be attending the School.