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Cornerstone for Vaeküla School


Today, 2 December 2010, the cornerstone was laid to the complex reconstructed in Vaeküla School.  The main school building, 2 dormitories will be completely reconstructed, new stadium and gym will be constructed during the course of work.

The net area of the building complex is 9,706 m2 and the total area of the school territory is 114,753 m2.

The existing school building will be entirely reconstructed and in addition to the regular classrooms there will be industrial arts classrooms and a cafeteria in the building. Only walls will remain of the old dormitories during the reconstruction process.  In addition, there will be a new sports building and virtually a new stadium.

Amhold’s tasks as the main contractor included architectural, landscaping, structural, and interior design, as well as electrical and weak current engineering design for the new complex. Our company also performed engineering technical and environmental surveys, solutions of roads and parking areas, HVAC and other mechanical engineering design and greenery design.

State Real Estate Ltd is responsible for arranging the construction works of Vaeküla School, located in Sõmeru Rural Parish, West Viru County  Completed buildings and facilities are scheduled to be at the School’s disposal at the beginning of the school year of 2011.