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Design of Oil Shale Conveyor Road of VKG Mines Completed


The scope of works includes the design of bridges, viaducts and tunnels at the points the conveyor and service road cross rivers, railways and highwaysThe route mostly runs through an uninhabited region, but in some sections bridges railways and roads. The total length of the conveyor is 12,9 km and it takes its origin from Ojamaa mine in Ida-Virumaa County, then runs alongside of Aidu career and heads to Kohtla-Järve, to the territory of the oil plant of Viru Chemistry Group Ltd. The aim of the conveyor is the transportation of oil shale from Ojamaa mine to the oil plant of oil shale, reducing transportation costs and saving the environment.On the 1st of October 2010, Amhold Ltd completed the design service and maintenance road for transportation conveyor of oil shale pits and infrastructure systems ordered by Viru Chemistry Group Ltd.