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Design of Järva County Dorms Completed


On the 4th of October 2010, Amhold Ltd completed the design of the dorms and reconstruction design of the territory of Järva County Vocational Training Centre. The closed gross area of the building is 4677.1 sq.m and the total area of the plot is 51,940 sq.m.
The dorm/canteen is designed as a 4-storey building. A canteen and educational centres will be built on the first floor. Student housing will be on the second, third and fourth floor.
The canteen section includes a 100-seat canteen with kitchen, storage for food, degustation rooms and classrooms for cookery courses as well changing rooms and accommodation areas for personnel.
There is the school library with the reading hall and computers for independent work in the main building.
The dorms are designed for approximately 220 students. There are 112 rooms in the building, all of them are double rooms except 2 family rooms on the fourth floor. Each room will contain a shower, a toilet as well as a small kitchen. Recreation rooms will be built on every floor of the building. Separate rooms for disabled persons are planned to the first floor and rooms for guest lecturers to the fourth floor. A small sauna can be found on the fourth floor.
All floors are interconnected by 2 staircases and an elevator.
As the lead designer, Amhold Ltd performed the following design disciplines: architecture, interior design, furnishing, landscaping, structural engineering, HVAC, electrical engineering, security systems, control engineering, sprinkler system, clear-agent fire extinguishing system, greenery, traffic and parking schemes, engineering technical and environmental surveys as well as author’s supervision during construction works.