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Commencement of Architectural-Historical and Engineering-Technical Surveys and Restoration Design of Architectural Monuments, Former Summer Manor „Liberty’s“ Buildings


Amhold started with architectural-historical and engineering-technical surveys and restoration design of architectural monuments, the former summer manor „Liberty’s“ buildings Egbert, Egon and Old-Liberty. The buildings are in the area of Liberty Town Manor and it was established at the end of the 18th century. Before that there were two farmsteads called Eisneme in the area.

The architectural-historical (incl. the paint coats determination, mycological and other surveys) and engineering-technical surveys will be performed first and thereafter the complex restoration design (incl. architecture, interior design, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, fire safety etc.).

The rural architecture survey and consultation centre with administrative and training rooms and accompanying guest house to accommodate lecturers and invited specialists are planned to the building to be restored. Estonian Open Air Museum, Estonian Mycological Survey Centre, Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation, National Heritage Board, and Estonian National Folklore Council will be also using the rooms. Villa Egbert design includes mainly office space, exposition of the consultation centre and library and construction mycology lab. Villa Egoni design includes the training and conference centre of the rural architecture survey and consultation centre, also training and office space for Estonian National Folklore Council. Accommodation for guest specialists is planned to Old-Liberty building.

The estimated completion of the research-design works is January 2012.