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Commencement of Restoration and Reconstruction Design of Võisiku Nursing Home


On May 27, 2011 Amhold began with the design of construction project for restoration and reconstruction works of Võisiku Nursing Home (the plot area is 108,000 m2, the gross area of the building is 9,592 m2).

The first records about Võisiku Manor (Weseke) is from 1520. During the Livonian War Võisiku Manor was completely burned down and built up anew in 1632 and later became one of the richest manors in the surrounding area. Today, Võisiku Nursing Home provides services for more than 400 people with special needs. This complex is located in an area of architectural and natural monuments as well as under the state protection.

The Nursing Home Complex consists of the main building (the former main building of the manor), two residential buildings, an interim building, a dining room, a medical section, a bore well and a boiler house.

Reduction of CO2 emission and enhancement of the efficiency by using solar and geothermal energy as well as use of renewable bio fuel are envisaged in the restoration and reconstruction design.

Amhold performs engineering-technical, architectural-historical and environmental surveys as well as architecture, structural, HVAC, control and electrical engineering design services. Amhold also assumes the assignment of the lead designer and performs greenery, traffic schemes and infrastructure systems design services. The Project Manager of the design and surveys is Olavi Ottas.