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Commencement of Renovation and Extension Design of Särghaua Geosciences and Environmental Engineering Learning Centre and Facilities of Tallinn University of Technology


On 31 May, 2011 Amhold Ltd began with the design and surveys of renovation and extension of Särghaua geosciences and environmental engineering learning centre and facilities of Tallinn University of Technology. The area of the campus is 49,000 m2. The building complex is an architectural monument. The estimated realisation of the campus renovation and new build plan is 2013.

Särghaua complex of Tallinn University of Technology includes:
- an academic, scientific and laboratory building where are rooms for rock processing (rock saws, separators, grinders, etc.), research laboratories, storages for collections, offices for scientific researchers, rooms for quest lecturers and technical facilities;
- cafeteria and seminar building;
- new academic and research building;
- field study facilities, a storage of slough, a waste treatment plant, lodging for guest lecturers, communication and traffic facilities, a bore well, a secondary treatment plant, a pier, a dryer, a basement, a sauna, a storehouse, etc.

The water supply systems will include the collection and utilisation of stormwater. Heat pumps with geothermal and solar thermal collectors will be designed as the source of energy as well as cogeneration plant of electricity and hot water running on naturally renewable biofuel.

Amhold performs engineering-technical, architectural-historical and environmental surveys as well as architecture, landscaping, interior design, structural engineering, HVAC and mechanical engineering, control and electrical engineering, traffic schemes, greenery and infrasystems design works. Almohld also performs leading project management for design and surveys.