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Commencement of European Customs and Border Station into Asia


On September 3, 2011 was opened the Koidula Customs and border Station, a window from Europe to Asia.

The territory of the borders station is about 10 km starting from the Piusa river railway bridge to the Tartu-Petseri railway junction (station plot area is around 100 ha). During the construction works were built 25,4 km of railways and 5 km of highways. The works also included reconstruction of 3 bridges and construction of 4 new bridges. 

The construction project was prepared and carried out by Amhold.

During the construction works was removed 1,8 million m3 of soil. The relief of the soil was changed completely e.g. vertical 36 m extent. A hill was replaced with 18 m depth valley and as the result suitable landscape for skiing resort was created.

Part of the Piiroja creek, at the intersection with the railway, was directed into 100 m long tunnel.

One pair or rails were replaced with 10 pairs of rails and the station was equipped with the x-ray device to trains like in airports for checking luggage.

Station complex consists of three major departments including following institutions: police, border guard, tax, customs, veterinary, food and agriculture institutions offices and storage rooms. In addition there are located administrative and maintenance service and freight management units EVR Infra and EVR Cargo.

From now on the station has facilities for animal and plant products clearance and control, which previously were carried out in Finland or Latvia.

The station’s capacity is 40 trains per day.

Koidula customs station provides better conditions for freight and passenger traffic to Moscow, St Petersburg, Riga, Warsaw and Kaliningrad.

The construction works cost around 70 million Euros. On the site were involved few hundred construction workers at the same time. Design-construction works lasted from 2003 to 2011.

Amhold performed the following design disciplines: architecture, interior design, structural engineering, electrical systems, heating, ventilation, cooling, water supply, sediment and sewerage. During the construction works Amhold provided author’s supervision, energy efficiency calculations, automatic management and control of engineering systems and consultancy services.

The staff of Amhold includes the project manager Jaan Aru, architect Triinu Nurmik, structural engineer Andrei Uibukant,  ventilation and cooling Jelena Stsetinina, heating Jelena Räpp, water supply and sewage, Svetlana Voronina, energy efficiency Märt Falk. Main constructor was Nordecon Ltd. Client of the Koidula Customs Station was State Real Estate Ltd.