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Construction Works of New Torslanda School of Gothenburg Under Way


The start of construction works of Torslanda School was celebrated on January 20, 2012. The new school building is scheduled to be ready by August 2013 for the beginning of the school year.

The start of the construction works was opened by a formal reception where the 7th grade students threw the first shovels of sand to the construction site. The shovels displayed  the name of the school and the expected completion date of the school construction.  The shovels were then sent to the neighboring kinderkartens because they are the new students in the school in the coming years. By the completion of the building the current 7th graders will be in the 9th grade – the graduating class.

Amhold prepared the full design of ventilation, cooling, hot and cold water supply, storm and waste water sewerage and drainage systems, and automated electronic control engineering and management systems of the low energy consumption building of Torslanda School (accommodating 600 students, grades 6-9).

The design is prepared in 3D model in so-called BIM system. The energy consumption for heating of the building with net area of 8952 m2is estimated for maximum of 15 KWh/m2a year and the total energy consumption 36 KWh/m2 a year.