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Design of Multi-Storey Car Park in Stockholm Råcksta Started


Amhold started with structural engineering design of a multi-storey car park in Råcksta.

The car park is located in Stockholm, district of Råcksta. The existing car park has 2 floors (levels) and 265 parking spaces. During the reconstruction and extension design it is planned to expand the car park by adding two extra floors, at the same time considering the possibility to add also another fifth floor in the future. Therefore the car park is able to accommodate 663 cars.

Users of Råcksta car park are mainly car owners who are living outside the city and are using the public transport for navigating inside the city. The car park is located near the subway stops where you can move around the city of Stockholm, in order to avoid traffic jams. Car parks are the best solution for reducing the volume of circulating traffic on the streets and also help to improve the city environment.

Amhold will deliver the structural engineering services. The Contracting Authority of the design project is Stockholm Parking (“Stockholm Parkering”). The estimated completion of the project is scheduled for September, 2012.

Architecture, 3D: Gillberg Arkitekter AB