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Amhold´s unique step in the commercial real estate in Estonia


Tallinn Factory Outlet Centre and Hypermarket building projects in the American Corner Retail and Logistics Park have been prepared according to the international sustainable and environment friendly real estate development and construction quality standard BREEAM.

With the American Corner Retail and Logistics Park project we will lead the commercial real estate in Estonia to the next level, where we use the sustainable and environmentally friendly BREEAM standard, which allows to ensure the best possible environment for employees, visitors and the surrounding area, while being low cost of use.

If to date the quality of the buildings have mostly been measured in compliance with minimum standards, then the BREAAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) standard that has been developed in UK is more comprehensive, accurate and rigorous environmental assessment method. BREEAM assesses buildings on the basis of seven criteria and provides an overall evaluation: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding.

The criteria are the total energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions minimization, workers health and well-being in terms of noise, light, and air quality, environmentally friendly construction work, innovative solutions, environmentally friendly building materials and products, waste recycling, air and water pollution prevention, expediency of the plot and the surrounding landscape solutions and expediency of infrastructure solutions.

American Corner buildings were designed according to the criterion of "Very Good", since our clients aim is to develop buildings complex that is energy-saving, with low operating costs, while also being functional, with interesting design, user-and environment-friendly, bright, has plenty of live vegetation and with intelligent technology systems. Despite of the initial fears that such high criteria have construction cost boosting effect, it turned out that new innovative solutions and the creation of the ideal environment didn’t have a drastic effect on the construction cost.