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Opening of two fully reconstructed school buildings


On Monday, September 3rd2012 was the grand opening of two newly reconstructed and expanded school buildings in Tallinn – Tallinn Läänemere Primary and Secondary School and Tallinn Kuristiku Primary and Secondary School.

Total of 630 students are now attending to Kuristiku Primary and Secondary School, from which 61 are first graders. And total of 892 students are attending to Läänemere Primary and Secondary School, from which 119 are first graders.

During the reconstruction works school buildings and facilities were fully reconstructed and also extensions for new modern sports halls and technical building systems were designed and built. Addition to the renewed learning environment and proper technical building systems both schools received new auditoriums, spacious libraries, workshop classes etc. Kuristiku School also received a new stadium with artificial grass and Läänemere School new sports facilities with racetracks and ball game courts. Kuristiku School also received a new solution for its ceremony hall which now for large events can be used combined with the buildings courtyard.

Amhold performed the reconstruction and extension design and all related surveys for both schoolhouses. We performed all engineering-technical and environmental surveys, architectural design, interior design, structural engineering design, HVAC systems, water supply, sewage and drainage systems and electrical engineering systems (weak and strong current systems, safety and security systems). We also performed the design of external utilities networks, greenery, the plot’s roads and courts.

Kuristiku Primary and Secondary School and Läänemere Primary and Secondary School were reconstructed in collaboration of private and public sector. The design work was ordered by a construction company Astlanda Ehitus OÜ, who was the main contractor of the reconstruction works.