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"Roof Truss Party" of Kammeri School


On December 2, a roof truss wreath was placed on the construction of Kammeri School building in Kambja Parish, Tartu County.

The old study building, industrial arts building and garage-warehouse were demolished in order to establish the new school building. The dormitory, pump house and basketball court shall be also reconstructed by this spring. In addition, technical networks shall be renewed, the area landscaped, new woodshed and trash container storage constructed. The waste water treatment plant shall be reconstructed as well and necessary roads and utility lines for the operation thereof shall be constructed. The net area of Kammeri school building/student housing is 3,510.35m², the net area of the gym is 951.0m² and the net area of the industrial arts building is 556.10².

Constructions of the new school were started in September 2009, and it is planned to complete the construction works in summer of 2010.