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The main building of Tehvandi Sport Centre has been reconstructed and opened


First stage of completely reconstructed and extended main building of Tehvandi Sports Centre was inaugurated on 7th June 2013.

The reconstruction project of Tehvandi Sports Centre main building was supported by Estonian Ministry of Finance and State Real Estate Ltd as an object included into the green investing scheme. The construction works were financed from due emission quota sales of the Kyoto Protocol.

Tehvandi Sports Centre is located in Valga county, Otepää parish, Nüpli village and was constructed on the order of Soviet Union Sports Committee in year 1978 to provide primarily a training facility for Winter Olympic team.

During the reconstruction works of the main building, which is also popularly known as “Pentagon”, amortized roof that was leaking for years, was demolished and replaced with new insulated grass-roof. Dilapidated balconies on the façade were replaced with new ones, extra insulation and weather proof decoration materials were installed. During the construction works also all the heating, ventilation, electrical and low current systems were replaced with modern equipment. Bearing structures were repaired, isolated and strengthened.

The interior layout was substantially modified and furniture totally replaced. Also automatically controlled modern economical energy solutions and effective security and fire safety systems were installed.

Tehvandi Sports Centre Foundation self-financed the furnishing and interior decoration works, construction of new water and sewerage pipes and installation of new electrical systems and exterior lighting.

An extension to the hotel with 50 extra bed places is planned to complete in second stage of the construction works.

In the part of the building that was reconstructed during the first phase are situated offices and storage of Tehvandi Sports Centre Foundation and Tehvandi hotel that accommodates 86 and a restaurant that seats 92 people. Close to the main building lies a parking lot for 32 cars.

Amhold Ltd carried out the reconstruction and extension design of the building and extension design of the new built hotel with 50 places that is constructed in the second stage. Provided services included engineering-technical and environmental surveying, detailed design of architecture, structures, interior decorations and electrical, low current, HVAC, water and sewerage systems (incl energy label). Also solutions for landscaping, roads, plazas, traffic control and vertical planning on the plot and construction cost estimates were provided. Amhold is also carrying out author supervision during the construction works.

Fallowing specialists of Amhold Limited were included into the reconstruction design works: Project Manager, Jaan Aru; Architect, Triinu Nurmik; Structural Engineer, Katrin Viirlik. Architectural design was carried out in close consideration with the initial Architect of the building, Mr Peep Jänes.

Reconstruction works were carried out by construction company Rand & Tuulberg and finished on 31st of May 2013.