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Now open – The new Oil Shale Competence Centre building of Virumaa College University of Technology


On the 24th of January 2014 the new building was inaugurated. This structure is a part of the Virumaa College of University of Technology Oil Shale Competence Centre campus in East Viru County, Kohtla Järve city.

The Oil Shale Competence Centre is a structural unit of the Tallinn University of Technology Virumaa College founded in 2011. This unit has the specialized field know-how and development capacity of Estonia’s oil shale mining, processing and treatment of oil shale, energetic and environmental fields.

The new two storey building is built upon the old college lab complex. The new building will be housing the department of fuel technology science and its test labs, whilst also having fully furbished administrative rooms with research and testing labs for the future occupants.

The new campus incorporates various testing laboratories (fuel analysis lab for oils and fluids, engine testing lab, oil shale research lab, environmental research lab and fuel analysis lab, lab for elementary analysis, test labs for engine control equipment lab, environmental research lab, chromatography lab, organic chemistry lab and other test and development laboratories), arbitral and glass storage, workshop, bench testing room, administrative and technical facilities.

As the main contractor Amhold performed the design-engineering technical works for the building including architectural, structural, interior design, electrical and low current solutions. Amhold also executed engineering-technical and environmental surveys, plot’s roads and traffic schemes solutions, water supply and HVAC project solutions, construction calculation costs, optimal solutions for operational costs and carried out supervision during the construction period.

Enterprise Estonia supported the campus with 3 million euros, that in addition to helping cover some of the construction cost will help to start small enterprises in the oil shale field, acquire modern equipment for service development,  create opportunities for the making of oil shale databases, help specific monitoring of patent-laws, help organizing field specific training and cooperation meetings/seminars, create a test and development lab network, create a field specific network for companies and various other cooperation projects to initiate and carry out common projects in thefield.