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Reconstruction projects for five buildings in London completed


In April 2014 Engineering and Architectural bureau Amhold completed reconstruction projects for the following London office buildings: Catherine Place 35, Buckingham Gate 55/56, High Holborn 233, Millbank Tower 30 and Queen Anne´s Gate 21.

The provided engineering services were quite extensive: as build design surveys and expertise for existing facilities technical systems and structure; compiling necessary documentation for demolition and dismantling; making room layout plans, design and refurbishment drafts for the new tenant; reconstruction drafts for technical systems (electrical, ventilation, cooling, heating, water supply, sprinkler, drainage systems and others); security solutions and arrangements. It was also necessary to assess possible risks and their impact effect (such risks like riots, break-ins, vandalism, central technical system malfunctions, cyber-attacks etc.). Perform exact analysis and cost calculations for construction, maintenance and operational costs. In design solution took into account the norms and regulations of Smart Building, Green Building and BREEAM requirements.