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Century Old Letter Found in Wall of Heimtali Manor


The letter found upon renovation of Heimtali Manor originates from the year 1904. The letter talks about repair works of the Manor that the family did for the return of Hermann von Sievers from military service in Prussia.
Hermann von Sievers was born on February 12, 1879 and the letter tells that since von Sievers will become the owner of Heimtali Manor, a room will be built for him to the tower of the Manor.
The letter is signed by Heinrich Voldemar von Sievers and Minni von Sievers. At the same time it is noted that “our dear old mother has signed it with us.”
The letter was sealed and hidden for future generations into a wall panel. According to historian Tiiu Oja, the letter is valuable because the family describes in detail the repair works of the building, which were performed to correct the mistakes made upon construction of the building.
Heimtali Manor is located on the bank of Raudna valley 10 km from Viljandist towards Pärnu. Since 1932, Raudna Basic School occupies the rooms of the Manor building. The Manor was in the possession of Siversite family from 1789 until the land reform.
Amhold Ltd performs constructional and heritage protection supervision of investigation, design and restoration works in the main building of Heimtali Manor.
Completion of the restoration works is planned for the summer of 2010.