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Emergency Response Centre and Rescue Service Building Now Opened


Opening ceremony of Emergency Response Centre and Rescue Service building in Tallinn, Osmussaare Rd. 2 was held on January 30, 2015.

The building will collectively employ Emergency Response Centre rescue leaders, rescue and information operators and police officers, who will send an operational team with special equipment and skills to the scene, and will answer emergency calls from 112 (European emergency number), 110 (Police), 1345 (Tallinn City help line), 1313 (the Environmental Inspectorate) and from marine and aviation rescue.

The new building as a whole accommodates approx. 300 employees. The compound includes a central 4-storey building divided into three functional parts: workroom of Emergency Response Centre, administration of Emergency Response Centre, North Rescue Centre Lasnamäe Unit of Rescue Service. In addition, the compound has also 14-meter training tower for firefighting sport and rescue work with the necessary training and safety equipment and a sports ground.

The new workroom of the Emergency Response Centre has screens for surveillance of the city’s security cameras in real time. In addition to the Police Operational Information Service, the rescue leaders will also monitor the images of security cameras in the common workroom. It means that a team can be sent out even when no emergency call has been made to the Emergency Response Centre.

Amhold as the lead contractor designed architectural, structural, interior and landscape design parts, also heating, cooling, ventilation, water and sewerage, electrical and weak current solutions of the compound. We also performed engineering-technical and environmental surveys, solutions for roads, parking areas and greenery, and control engineering, security and alarm systems solutions. In addition, Amhold conducted quantity survey, author’s supervision of the construction works and consultation of the client during the construction period.

The project manager was Olavi Ottas, sketch design was made by architects Koit Ojaliiv, Joel Kopli and Juhan Rohtla (Kuu OÜ), architectural work project and interior design by architect Jane Teresk and structural engineer was Andrei Uibukant.

Construction of the compound was performed by the consortium of AS Teede REV-2, Ramm Ehitus OÜ and AS Parmeron.

The cost of construction of the Emergency Response Centre and Rescue Service building in Tallinn was 6.6 million euros.