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Construction supervision and management services for Afghan National Security Forces` Wounded Warrior Centre (WWC) rehabilitation center


Duration:            2016-2017 (construction

Location:             Camp Hero, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Client:                  NSPA

Main project features/ backround:

The purpose of the project is to construct and provide a dedicated facility for injured Afghan National Defence and Security forces recovering from combat injuries. The facility will help improve the health of injured warriors and assist with rehabilitation, physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and transitioning back to active duty and society.

The Wounded Warrior Centre at Camp Hero will utilize the existing barracks building and add on new construction for the Community Building and Housing Wing.

Provided services:

Consultancy services and on-site construction supervision of all parts of construction: structural, architectural, interior and landscaping; electrical (heavy and weak current systems), environmental engineering, HVAC systems, water supply, sewerage systems, and others.