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„Roof Truss Party“of Väike-Õismäe Secondary School


On Wednesday, April 28, there was a formal ceremony of the roof truss wreath of the full reconstruction of the building (net area 7780m2) and facilities of Väike-Õismäe Secondary School of Tallinn.

By the traditions of Estonian people, a roof truss party is an event where the construction workers place an oak or fir wreath onto the end roof truss. It is a sign that the construction has reached the final stage that needs celebration and feeling of satisfaction, pride and skills of the completed works. When a wreath appears on the end of a roof truss, the host must bring it down himself and hold a party of inauguration and thanks for his workers. When a building reaches its full height, it presents the actual size of the building and the vision of fulfilled dreams.

The wreath cannot be taken down before inauguration. In the past it was considered a shame to let the wreath stand on the roof truss for too long – the whole village could see how the host didn’t want to thank the workers and bear a little party expense in addition to the agreed pay. In case the host (contracting authority) didn’t come to thank the workers, sometimes they placed an old broom onto the end of the roof truss, so the whole village would know what a cheapskate the host is. It is not known how the tradition got started, but it is widely spread in Europe as well as, for example, in Russia. Daresay the roof truss party seeks strength for the construction, luck for the building and in a fashion is a distinction to the construction workers.

Amhold Ltd. performed engineering technical and environmental surveys, construction design parts of architecture, interior design, structures, HVAC, water supply, sewerage, strong and weak current systems and other engineering technical systems for Väike-Õismäe Primary and Secondary School. Amhold Ltd also provided solutions for power use efficiency, minimizing CO2 emission and acoustics for the building. As a result of a full reconstruction the school will have a new and wider gym and an underground floor for additional rooms for various purposes necessary for a modern school.

The building will be completed for the start of the new school year in September 2010.