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Amhold Ltd Visited by Finnish Journalists


On May 18, eight journalists from A-Lehdet – one of the largest group of home and leisure magazines – (approximately 20 magazines and 4 million readers) and editorial staff of Meidän Talo, which is focused on issues related to designing private houses, visited the office of Amhold Ltd.

Tarmo Kööp and Arne Allaste, the project managers of Finnish course, and Kristina Haavala, the regional marketing manager of Amhold, introduced to the journalists the current situation of the construction and design sector of Estonian private houses, materials used and the newest trends and changes in the market due to the economic recession, also potential developments in the coming years.

The Finnish journalists visited Estonia because they wanted to find out more about the local design market, especially in the private housing sector. In addition, they were very interested in the activities of Amhold Ltd in the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish design market.